Entry #1

Just made my first Flash!

2009-02-28 00:16:00 by Jultoin

Well, just made my first Flash movie, Blazin'. I hope it doesn't get too many Blams and gets posted, I want to get going and make a lot more!


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2009-02-28 00:35:24

send a link to me on my (PM)


2009-02-28 01:01:55

imma checkin' this out


2009-02-28 01:22:39

Good job for your first but it needed to be longer. Sorry dude. But I will say this YOU HAVE POTENTIAL!

Jultoin responds:

Thanks! I'm currently working on a humoristic dressup. Keep an eye on the portal!


2009-02-28 11:52:19

How bout posting a link to it...

Jultoin responds:

There ya go. I edited the post.