I hate the new website! Who doesn't? It might be funny for the first two seconds, but once you can't watch any adult rated flash because of chinesse policies and can't complain about it on the board because of idiots watching over your past activities, I start to wonder what this comunist country has to do with the time I spend on the website they just aproved. I can't even change the freakin' smiley on my post or know what submission is under judgement....god damn april fools! :P

You should take a look at this one by the way :P

newgrounds and china

What the fuck doesw China have to do with the content I view on Newgrounds?!

Working on a Madness project.

2009-03-09 17:48:08 by Jultoin

I'm working on my first Madness project, an RPG! I'm not making it out of premade scripts or templates. Every single drawing/action script is made with my bare hands. I'm about 15-20% done, so the game should be posted somewhere this month.

Working on a Madness project.

Working on a series!

2009-02-28 14:53:32 by Jultoin

Since I now officially know I have minimal knowledge in Flash, I tought I could get started on my own series: Berth. I'm already working on the first episode, putting a LOT of time and effort into my drawings and animations. I want this one to be epic!

The first episode is now done and will be posted on the portal tomorrow! It will be called "Limbless Berth".

Episode 1

Working on a series!

Just made my first Flash!

2009-02-28 00:16:00 by Jultoin

Well, just made my first Flash movie, Blazin'. I hope it doesn't get too many Blams and gets posted, I want to get going and make a lot more!